When we don’t work, we ride for good.
Since 2011, we have been running Bikers for Good, a motorcycle community that rides solely for social causes.

In more than 5 years of its existence, Bikers for Good has grown to be a 7000+ member strong community, touching more than 10 laclives in this tenure.

We proudly associate with brands like Harley Davidson, Suzuki Motorcyles, Triumph Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycle and the likes.

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There is no disability. It is just a set of people designed to do things differently.

With this thought process, we started KnowDisability.org in 2016 with an aim to bring innovation in education for the differently- abled. The team at Business for Good now also teaches the #superhumans specialized skills like Photography, computers, Reading and Comprehension, Painting etc.

By March 2017, KnowDisability.org will have the first ever photography studio solely operated by the differently-abled.

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Know Disability CSR
We Are One CSR

5000+ Bikers. One Cause.
No Labels. No Limits.

The #weareoneride is an initiative by Business for Good to raise awareness and funds for the #superhumans, often called differently-abled or handicapped.

As a part of the #weareoneride, in December 2016, 5000+ bikers rode in 18 cities across India in support of the superhumans.

This is by far the biggest motorcycling event that has ever happened pan-India and in 2017, we aim at making it even bigger.

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